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Mold Inspection

EUI EnviroPro LLC provides thorough Mold Inspections! Mold is really sneaky, but we’re great at finding every place it can hide. We are certified in Mold Inspection & Testing.

moldinspectionOur Mold Inspection usually lasts one hour. We look for mold and mold-friendly conditions, so even if mold isn’t growing, we will find any places that could have future growth. Once complete, we’ll give you a clear, in-depth report of everything we find, complete with a diagram of your home, any mold-friendly conditions we find and suggested courses of action. Oh, and it’s free.


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Certified Mold Inspection

If we find issues during our Mold Inspection, we also offer an extended service — the Certified Mold Inspection.

    • The Inspection Our certified mold inspectors take samples of your home’s air and/or surfaces and send them to a trusted third party laboratory.
    • The Results We walk you through the laboratory testing results, showing which species of mold are present, what their effects are, and how much is present compared to the natural outdoor environment.


Mold Treatment / Remediation

Our Mold Treatment is completely unique and unbelievably effective!

We start with a solution of an EPA registered antimicrobial that kills the mold. The antimicrobial is designed to work with our surface stabilizer.

After the first part of the treatment has had time to work, we apply the surface stabilizer which is a polymer that keeps mold from re-growing. It exhibits time-release characteristics to stabilize and protect surfaces for a long time against attack from most airborne spores.

In many cases, we can treat the mold without needing to remove your walls and eliminate the need of time consuming and costly rebuild of the affected areas.

You can usually return to your home the same day!


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Indoor Air Quality

The quality of your family’s or employees’ health depends partly on the quality of the air they breathe at home or in the office. We can help you breathe easier.

indoor air quality mold treatment

Your HVAC (heating and air conditioning) system truly acts as the "lungs" of your house or property. Duct work is highly susceptible to mold and mildew because of condensation in the system.

Our HVAC treatments are always properly exectued and utilize products that prevent future mold growth. 



      • We provide a 2 part service for your HVAC that prevents future mold.
      • Act quickly if someone in your home or office suffers from allergies to various pollens, if you have pets in your home, or if there are smokers in your home or office.

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Moisture Control

The crawl space often develops Wood Decay Fungi and is treated a little different, but just as effective!

We start with preparing the area for treatment by removing the insulation and other things that might interfere with the application.

We will treat with an EPA registered antimicrobial solution (this kills the fungi). We follow that with a borate based solution with additional protection of ammonium chloride to help prevent the fungi from returning.

After the treatment, you are ready for the EUI Closed Space System and never worry about Mold or Wood Decay Fungi again!

moisture control

EUI Closed Crawl Space Liner

All of the components are and made in the USA! This is the only system that uses low VOC materials and assures optimal performance for years to come. Any contractor knows that black powder nailers can compromise the integrity of a foundation wall. The Closed Space System does not require harmful nailers, and instead, employs its own innovative, strong and safe application method.



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